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Thread: PDL marked 1840 Cavalry sword

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    PDL marked 1840 Cavalry sword

    Hi all, I am trying to get information on a sword which is new to my collection. It is an 1840 "wrist breaker" with iron guard and pommel. It's only mark is the PDL in an oval on the ricasso. I have found various theories as to whether this is a Tiffany & Co. blade or may be a sword shipped to the Confederacy by Luneschloss.

    Has anyone documented information supporting either theory above?

    Thanks, Dale
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    Hi Dale,

    The Iron hilt Heavy Cavalry sabers made by PDL are the same as the ones sold to Tiffany so they are thought to be made for the Union rather than the Confederacy. I suppose these swords could also have been sold to CS agents as easily as Union agents but there is no proof unless they are marked with a US or CS dealer. The Tiffany marked sabers are a case in point. Without additional markings they "could" have been used by anyone including Europeans.
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    Thanks George.
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