Picked up this Albion Squire Line Type H Viking. It's a lovely sword and I have zero issues keeping it forever however I'm not a fan of the pommel on this type of sword. It just doesn't get a long with my large fat dumb hands in any grip.

So if any of you folks have a Squire Line Knightly Type XII and you'd rather have the Type H Viking... let's trade. I prefer 2 handed swords but I want a single handed piece in my collection. While I enjoy the looks for the Viking... I like the feel of the Type XII.

Or if you have a Squire 13th Century Greatsword and wanna trade I can kick in the difference in cash.

Mine is in near mint condition. It's sharp (nicely sharp actually) and only has the most minor of handling marks. 99.95% condition I'd say. Fittings are tight and right.

Not interested in selling. I'm not looking to "get rid" of this sword. She looks damn fine in my weapons room. But trading for something I might enjoy more does interest me. I have tons of trade references. Would like to keep this limited to the US.