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Thread: silver hilt spadroon 1793 Thurkle Jamaica connection

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    silver hilt spadroon 1793 Thurkle Jamaica connection

    Attached are images of a silver hilted spadroon by Thomas Thurkle, with hallmarks for London, and date mark S for 1793.
    What intrigues is the engraving both sides of the J J Runkel Sohlingen curved blade.
    A crocodile with the lettering "Jamaica" both sides.Other than these, the curved blade is clean.

    Help please in identifying these marks.I was told the sword had a naval connection although there are no markings on the sword or scabbard to prove this.
    Any indication from the style of hilt that this is a naval weapon?

    thanks in anticipation of your help,
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    A wonderful and expensive sword in its day and now. Do you have names of high ranking (rich) officers in Jamaica in this time period?

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    would this be naval or army officers, Will?

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    sorry, correction... maker is FRANCIS Thurkle not Thomas as previously stated

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    Could the sword have any connection with the Jamaica Station of the Royal Navy?

    The Jamaica Station was formed, following the capture of Jamaica, by assembling about a dozen frigates in 1655. The first "Admiral and General-at-Sea" was Sir William Penn. Its main objectives in the early years were to defend Jamaica and to harass Spanish ports and shipping. In the late 1720s three successive commanders of the station lost their lives to tropical diseases while undertaking a Blockade of Porto Bello during the Anglo-Spanish War. The general ill-health associated with the station continued throughout the century. An assessment of Navy strength at the Jamaica station in 1742 found around 3,000 men were fit to serve out of a total Navy complement of 6,620. A Navy hospital was constructed in 1745 but its location was poor and many patients brought in for shipboard diseases developed additional tropical illnesses while in the hospital itself. A report to the Admiralty in 1749 found that the Hospital was "rather a hurt to the [Navy] Service than a Relief."

    The station merged with the North American Station to form the North America and West Indies Station in 1830
    Source Wikipedia

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    Not sure which service for this sword, could be either. 1793 date clearly pins it down to a definitive time frame.

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