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Thread: Early French Cuirassiers Sword ?

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    Early French Cuirassiers Sword ?


    I picked this sword up recently and I was trying to date it ?
    I was thinking 1810-1820?
    It is well marked and heavy.
    Hilt is broken unfortunately, I have no idea how that could have happened.
    Thank you
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    Blade appears to be 1810 hilt looks later looking at the markings, if the B mark has a wreath around it 1812-1815 if a chain mark 1812-1818.
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    - indeed before 1810 as it is marked with Coulaux Frères instead of a month and year e.g. Juin 1813.
    - the B poinçon could be the one of Jean-Georges Bick Controleur 1e Classe February 1809 - August 1824, using this poinçon between 1809 and 1812.
    - I'm missing the 'M with star' poinçon from Claude Marion, inspecteur militaire from December 1808-June 1811 or 'P with star' poinçon from Jean Pache, inspecteur from June 1811-January 1812. Maybe you find traces of this poinçon between the hilt and the B poinçon.
    - has received the '1816' modification to a spear-point, but also executed before 1816, before Waterloo.

    - is also an '1816' type, but also already in use before that year cfr. the spear-point.

    - 'K with star' poinçon from Joseph-Innocent Krantz, inspecteur militaire from March 1812-August 1814 and September 1816-February 1819.
    - 'B with wreath' from the same Jean-Georges Bick Controleur 1e Classe February 1809 - August 1824, using this poinçon between 1812 and 1815.
    - I don't recognise the third poinçon 'CV' ?

    Bt ofcourse I may be mistaken.

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    Thank you very much for the help and information.
    The link was very helpful, Thank you

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    Wow, detailed and informative.

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    Are the hilt markings exactly like these Tony what look's like the CV mark being a number 27 ?.

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    Thank you all for your help and detailed information.
    Yes the markings are the same.
    Thanks again


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