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Thread: Help with sword identification.

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    Help with sword identification.

    I was asked to see if I could identify this one. Any help is appreciated.
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    RF... mark of the French Republic. I can't see how long the blade is but I'd guess a French cutlass before Napoleon's coronation as Emperor.

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    Can we see a full-length image, please?

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    Sorry but that's all the pictures I have. Was able to get the measurements overall 39 3/4" with the blade length of 33 3/4"
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    French revolution period or earlier Dragoon Sabre is my guess..... But don't bet money on it, it's only a guess.

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    There are several with this hilt style. The most likely candidate has a curved blade and fuller. 112 b page 123 of Des Sabres EtDes Epees by Michel Petard.
    Sabres des chasseurs a cheval, 1789, 1790 period.


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