Have a lovely piece of Japanese history here from the Tokugawa Shogunate. A period known for fine sword craft. It is a Wakizashi. Mei is Noriyuki Fujiwara. Which would place the blade in the 1684 - 1736 era. While this blade is not papered, examples of smith's mei are and this is a lovely example. Blade is in adequate polish and is sharp. In Shira Saya.

OAL is right at 28". Blade not including habaki is 20". Tsuka is a hair over 7". It's a fairly large and robust Wakizashi.

$1,200.00 shipped CONUS via PP plus fees if you are not comfortable with F&F.

Would consider trades as well for quality swords. I'm on more of a western sword kick at the moment. Interested in quality blades. Will trade multiple of my blades listed on this forum for a single more grand piece. Actually best case scenario would be to trade everything I have listed for one magnificent sword as I am looking to consolidate and elevate my collection.

This photo is not of THIS blade. It is a documented example of smith's mei for reference.