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Thread: FOR SALE: Mateusz Sulowsky type XIV

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    FOR SALE: Mateusz Sulowsky type XIV

    I'm selling this Mateusz Sulowsky sword type XIV based on an original sword from the Royal Armoury in Leeds .

    In pristine condition. Never cut with it.

    Length overall 89.5cm (35,2 in). Blade length 74cm (29 in). Blade width: 60mm (2,36in.). Weight 1076grams (2Ib 6oz), balance is 12cm (4,7 in)

    Asking 1100 CHF (swiss francs) + shipping for this custom sword made by one of the most popular bladesmith in Europe.
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    Price drop for this unique piece.

    1050 CHF+ shipping (Please add 3% for Paypal fees)

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    This sword was SOLD


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