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Thread: Early American Sword Eagle Head Sword

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    Early American Sword Eagle Head Sword

    What are your thoughts on this sword.
    1820s Infantry Officers Sword?
    32 inch blade
    No markings
    Thank you
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    A nice complete piece. There are distinguishing differences between the early and later examples. Likely English work and the lack of any markings fairly common. The blue&gilt of the blade might offer some further clues but we don't see the detail very well in these photos. Generically lumped into the "Ketland" type of crested eagle without a backstrap. These later examples are a bit smaller in head size and will have more chasing of design on the peen area.

    Andrew Mowbray's eagle pommel book and then the Flayderman/Stuart Mowbray Medicus Collection books show the differences between the earlier and later examples.


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    Nice sword Tonyo, Looks like British etch to me but I fumble etching. The hilt has a precise Solingen look even with British balls, not so ornate as the rococo examples. I would love to see crest, peen and more etch. A very unusual langet. Some of these on occasion have very differently styled langets. Very nice example indeed.
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