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Thread: Early Scottish Basket hilt backsword for sale

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    Early Scottish Basket hilt backsword for sale

    Classic and fully developed Scottish basket hilt backsword for sale.Second quarter of 18th century or earlier. Basket - Scottish with large cut-out as opposed to English with smaller cut-out. Hilt is fully formed from thick iron forged into main panels,guards pierced with hearts and filework decoration- inner being removed for right hand use. Pommel is bi-conical finished on the outside and rough on the inside with central groove.rams horn terminals to central guard..Blade,backsword,only the bottom edge sharpened,double fullered-central fuller extends nearly to the tip and is unmarked to maker but probably Solingen pitting and in superb condition..Grip is wood wih shargreen cover,no wire or liner present.Wire connected to hilt to prevent rattling and enhance display. ...My photographic skills are not the best so if you want some more supply an email an I will use the I-pad to the best of my ability..Have priced the sword at £2250 but if you want to make an offer please do....For interest sake the sword came out of an estate sale many years ago..
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    Sword is probably 1690 to 1725.....Reduced to £1,500..

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    Blade length?

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    Hello E.B.
    Blade length is 34 ins...

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    Sword is now sold..Thank you..


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