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Thread: 1856 Land Transport Corps or other French gladius id please

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    1856 Land Transport Corps or other French gladius id please

    Is this a Lands Corps 1856 or a French Gladius.
    Only markings are IA XX AV on the hilt.
    What is unusual are the absence of any circles at the Quillon ends.
    Length of blade is 58 cms.
    Blade unmarked.
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    Never seen one without the 'rings' and the blade's not leaf shaped. The general style was adopted for use by several European armies but those scabbard mounts have a British look.

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    Thanks for your quick reply.....just removed the locket and found the mark XX111 inscribed on the leather. Obviously meaning the 23rd something. Does that relate to the XX on the hilt. I agree the mounts look British.

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    I thought all the land transport sword were sawback? Also that most, if not all were imports from Solingen contracts? France had many variations but I have not seen any plain quillions either.

    Strange indeed.

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    Most Land Transport I have seen have plain, unmarked blades.See Swords of the British army Brian Robson, Plate 170
    I have seen some saw back blades on this pattern but from countries other than the UK. Unfortunately there were no markings on the blade to indicate a maker.

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