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Thread: Visayan Tenegre?

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    Visayan Tenegre?

    I picked this bolo type weapon up recently , I thinks it's a Visayan Tenegre. The handle is made from horn as are the scabbard's throat , belt loop , bands and drag. The throat and drag are held in place by small wood dowels and the bands are rather ingeniously designed. Can anyone confirm that this is a Visayan Tenegre and possibly hazzard a guess as to its age , ancient or tourist piece? I've never seen a bolo quite like this one so any help would be greatly appreciated.

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    I’d say Indonesian golok. Looks like a nice one too.

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    Hi Mark, thanks for providing the correct ID! It came with a Mandayan bolo knife so I jumped to the conclusion that it was from the Philippines.

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    Hi Len,

    As Mark says, it does look to be a golok.

    The hilt shape is interesting. The scabbard bands made from buffalo horn are particularly nice.
    Overall it's a good example showing real traditional construction techniques and skill.

    I have a simpler one, with rattan bands and a crudely finished blade with long inscriptions down both sides relating to the independance struggle and adted to 1945.
    It's unusual to have a dated example so I thought you might like to see it to compare the blade shape and construction techniques.

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