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This lovely katar is made from wootz steel, with swirling patterns of differing intensities still visible along its length. (Possible banding to the grains make me wonder if it once had a chevron pattern.) The blade has clearly been sharpened and polished many times over its approximately three hundred years of existence and, when new, it would have had a more defined geography with crisply rendered fullers. The hilt has extensive gold overlay covering its entirety, probably a later addition, and, while this shows small patches of age, it is in excellent condition. This gold shows six of Allah’s ninety-nine names, as described in the Quran, each set within a decorative panel. These names enjoy various English spellings and each refers to Allah’s manifold powers: the Nourisher, the Omniscient, the Sustainer, and so on.

Please send me a message for more details.