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Thread: Various Prussian Side Arms and Bayonets

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    Lightbulb Various Prussian Side Arms and Bayonets

    Gentlemen: I am making a separate thread on this for those interested in the Prussian side arms and faschine knives.

    At the top are two of the Fusilieren Seitengewehren Mod 1860. This was issued with the FG 60 Dreyse Rifle. First is an extra purchase example, just below is the issue version.

    In the middle are two FM 1854, extra purchase and issue.

    At the bottom is a Seitengewehr Mod 1871 as issued to NCO's. Note the saw back, this narrow blade is not the Engineers and Artillery version, it is the Infantry model. This is an Issued weapon.

    Note the reversed spring for the catch, thus making it easy to tell which is which...The Fusilier model has the spring and screw on the reverse. The Mod 71 is opposite. Note also; The blade of the extra model is more or less the same as the Mod 71, apparently they did not make a lot of pipeback blades for walking out dress..

    I hope this will make the identification of these interesting weapons a bit easier.

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