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Thread: FS: Two Wootz Daggers

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    FS: Two Wootz Daggers

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    This pesh kabz has a formidable blade made from wootz steel, the swirling grains arranged in a tight, pleasing pattern. The blade has a rounded spine, very thickly made and the tip is swollen to match, making the blade very stiff and highly capable. The handle is a ‘modern’ replacement, most likely made some time in the last century. It complements the blade well, though, and the twin horn scales of the grip feel at home in the hand. A leather scabbard accompanies this practical and aesthetically pleasing piece.


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    This example is probably from the late 1700s and from the north of India or Afghanistan. Its handle’s bone scales have acquired a pleasant patina and are still held in place by iron pins and the leather pads that are to be found on either side of the tang. They lead first to iron bolsters and then to a blade which shows the desirable grainy patterns found in expensive wootz steel. This dagger comes with a refurbished vintage scabbard with brass openwork mounts.


    Postage to the UK is included. Offers are always welcomed and please send me a message if you would like more details.

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    These are hanging around now so the horn example is reduced to £200 and the bone to £325.


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