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Thread: For Sale: Prussian Model 1742 Light Cavalry Saber

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    For Sale: Prussian Model 1742 Light Cavalry Saber

    Up for grabs is a super rare model 1742 Prussian light cavalry saber. No, it isn't the later British model that looks similar. I have a feeling that this one was not however made in Prussia, but in one of the other contemporary duchies or principalities. No makers marks anywhere that I can find. It's a troopers sword with a proper killing blade that is still edgy and as you can see by the pics, has been sharpened on a stone wheel in times past.
    Blade is 34" tip straight back to the guard. Overall length is 39 1/4". Weight I put at just over 2 pounds with a 6 3/4" POB. Sword is very light and lively in your hand as it should be since it was made to do one thing: slice through people. If you've handled period sabers you can tell the real ones from the show ones easily enough. Scabbard is leather over wood with steel reinforcements and is intact.
    This is an impossible sword to find. A few in museums and pictures on the internet.....several of this one here and that's about it so do your research and don't miss this opportunity.
    $3500 or best offer. Free shipping CONUS.
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