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Thread: Are "claymores" the same as "basket hilts"

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    Are "claymores" the same as "basket hilts"

    Some say yes & others NO- what is the answer ??????

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    Properly speaking a Claymore is the two handed sword carried and used up to the early 18th century, but rare by then. The name was then transferred to the basket hilt, but when and where that practice originated would be a research project all of it's own. Personally I doubt it was Gaelic speakers who first used Claymore in the sense of a basket hilted sword. More here...

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    In the Victorian era claymore referred to a double edged fullered blade, either single or double fullered. These blades are found on scottish basket hilt and field officers 1857p swords.
    The term is believed to be used incorrectly for these blades but it stuck.

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    Thank You

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    Claymore, Basket Hilt,and the Broadsword too. Which witch is which?
    I think I have a general idea.


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