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Thread: Multiple Swords for Sale

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    Multiple Swords for Sale

    For the TL;DR crowd:
    First up is a Spanish M1907/1918 cavalry troopers sword, early piece. Good condition, nice handling, a little dirty, not sharp. Asking 225 and shipping.
    Second is a Spanish M1867 infantry officer sword, first year manufacture, good cut and thrust sheering sword/spadroon, nice and stiff, almost minty. Asking 225 and shipping.
    Third is an Alex Coppel made pre WW2 1937 - 39ish Gymnasium Sabre. Very nice sword, I have put a lot of work into it, would still work for fencing, and I have used it in fencing events. Holds up very well and basically as good as modern swords coming out of Eastern Europe today but with the same dynamics of actual weapons. Asking 200 and shipping.
    Fourth and not last is my old French Mle 1822 LCS, made in 1876, and sharp. Great cutter, handles excellently, big boi blade, asking for 395 and shipping (what the highest bid was when the buyer told me he wanted to cancel the order, because Frenchies weren't in his interest group).

    Fifth and last for now is a nice Peterson #75 guard, really nice guard, hard to find intact or in nice condition, needs a little cleaning but otherwise ready to be used. Asking 200 and shipping.

    Okay, now for the in depth descriptions.
    Spanish M907/18 -
    early example of the famous Spanish model 1907 / 1918 cavalry troopers sword. This example has a beautiful "white" scabbard and hilt, which means it was not painted black for Francoist regime use, nor plated for post issue decorative use.

    This sword retains the rarely seen royal crest, which denotes it as a scarce pre - civil war era sword, which dates it to between 1918 (when the model began full spanish production) and the 1930s when the crest seems to have disappeared. It also denotes it much earlier than the post 1947 variants, as denoted by the Francoist era eagle and red cross over black paint decor on the bowl and scabbard.

    This sword has a full length 35.5 inch long blade, and has the early serial number 3142.

    This example is free of corrosion and pitting, and has no nicks or twists to the edge. These early examples are some of the best of the M1907/18, being unencumbered by poor quality materials or wartime or post - war expenditures.

    This variant would be the type used in the Rif wars and limited use in the Spanish civil war.

    Spanish M1867 -
    early example of the harder to find Spanish Model 1867 infantry officers sword. The blade is free of any sharpening, nicks, or pitting, and has a beautiful and impressive hexagonal cross section, rarely seen on 19th century swords.

    The hilt is of solid brass, and most certainly must have elements of being worked by hand. There are no cast lines, and rings to the touch. Even though this piece is without its scabbard, as many are, it is still a very high quality sword made to a high standard in its time.

    Inscribed onto the blade is the date of manufacture, 1867, making this an incredibly rare first year make sword, and on the obverse side, the place of manufacture, Toledo.

    Alex Coppel -
    32.75 inch blade, great feeling sword, weights 1 pound 10 ounces and change. Perfect infantry fighting sword, nice Hutton style sabre with a guard that covers the hand well without looking like a double hernia like the Cold Steel and Hanwei models. Great balance, good flex, pretty modern steel, made by a famous maker that met a miserable end due to the Nazi policies.

    French 1822 Light Cavalry Troopers sabre -
    Sadly, this has some vice marks on the spine in addition to the regular lugs. Hence I'm asking for a lower amount than usual. a French model of 1822 light cavalry troopers sword. The blade is a clean full length, unaltered edition, and the hilt assembly and blade are soundly fitted, and the hilt and scabbard have matching numbers.

    The blade is sharp and straight, and sadly enough has a small kink in the distal end of the foible, however this is quite unnoticeable unless you are looking for it. There is some leather loss to the grip, however it still handles and displays well.

    American Non - Regulation Peterson #75 Sabre Guard -
    A very nice guard with some ornate and well made decor. There really isn't much to say here - it's a sword guard. You can use on a fencing sword or a project, or just for display. From what I have seen on the market they either are super rusty or broken in half.


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    The Spanish 1867 sword is a nice one. I have one in excellent condition, too, and I like it a lot. Just my opinion if I am allowed to say.
    Tom Donoho

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    All sold


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