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Thread: (2) German Imperial Swords ?

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    (2) German Imperial Swords ?

    I picked both these swords up recently and I was thinking 184s-60s?
    One sword is marked PDL, not sure what type of sword or period.

    The sword with the royal crown, I was thinking Wurttemberg?
    No maker marks on the sword.
    Thank you very much
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    2nd sword

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    Tony: The first one is made by PD Lunenschloss, I do not know for whom. The second one is British, model is unknown to me, I am sure the other fellows here will tell us. VR is Queen Victoria for sure.


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    Hello Dale
    Thanks for the help again.
    I just assumed it was German because of the crown.
    Thanks again

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    Tonyo, While it looks German built and is marked to Solingen the design on the top sword, the grip, pommel and hilt look to be copied from British 1821 pattern, the quillion and rounded thick sweeping branches have a French look to them. I would would therefore lean towards South America as a user. It is not uncommon there to mix and match styles. Mr. Luneschloss sold thousands of swords in Central and South America. Just a thought. Eric
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