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Thread: Help with Dog or Lion Head Hanger

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    Help with Dog or Lion Head Hanger

    Hello All. Looking for help with an ID on this sword. It’s been circulating among collectors here in New York for 30 or more years. I just acquired it. Blade is 28”. Scabbard i was told is a repo but has British mark’s. Looking for any and all thoughts on this: date, country or origin, could it have been used in French & Indian or Revolutionary War by Americans?

    Thanks to Glen for all your help thus far , I welcome additional thoughts.
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    The sword is not British having a thumb ring and particular blade fullering. It's lions head, many were not very good likenesses. Dog s heads have floppy ears typically and a longer snout.
    The sword could be Dutch.

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    South Germany around 1750, grenadier or fusilier, probably officer.
    Scabbard is obviously not original.

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    Thanks Gentleman. So, around circa 1750, and, either Dutch or German. Anybody have pictures of a similar Dutch or German example?

    Yes, scabbard not original. I was wondering if this was an "original" to a more recent sword (with the broad arrow over S and K). Or is this simply a reenactors repo with British marks.

    Any additional thoughts on this sword, and the scabbard welcomed.

    Also, I assume storing the sword in the scabbard is "bad", holding in moisture?? And it's not original to the sword itself.

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    I have a somewhat similar sword I think with a dog's head Name:  71172494_10217676889686522_7739747306110451712_n.jpg
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    Name:  70964342_10217676889246511_4187775091364331520_o.jpg
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    Erik Middleton

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    Swiss were also big fans of lion heads.
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    Yes, during email discussion before posting, I had come across some Swiss influences

    and other hangers with thumb rings

    I have also mentioned to Neil that any weapon preceding a conflict might have been used even generations after being first used.


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    I have seen a few of those in France reffered to as Swiss sabres.

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    I’ve been meaning to add one more sword to this thread if it can be of assistance.

    A Prussian horseman’s sword C.1740. It can also be found on page 115 of Harvey Withers book “World Swords 1400-1945” which has some more info on it. I apologize, I neglected to take a clearer shot of the thumb ring. Blade has been shortened in it’s working life.

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    I would be curious to see the rationale for identifying this one to Prussia. Lion pommels like these, and even more so paired with a sabre blade seem to have been quite a tradition in Switzerland. See this link for more info:


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