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Thread: FS: Indian Tulwar, 19th century

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    FS: Indian Tulwar, 19th century

    I will be listing some Old Swords in nice condition and kept in a non-smoking home. I am a long-time member of this forum and known to several of its old-time members. I have sold to other members with no problems and have enjoyed doing those transactions which were easy and pleasant.

    I will let the photos do most of the talking for the swords. All of them are in nice, solid condition with no damage, age-darkened metal, and nice hilts and grips. They were initially cleaned with a plastic brush and soapy water and a good rinse, no abrasives or mechanical wire wheels were used, and no metal polishes were used. If you would like a letter on the item, I will be happy to do one.

    Best wishes. Tom

    I am starting with the following sword--thanks for your interest. (More pix on request.)

    Indian Tulwar, 19th century. Iron hilt with traces of applied silver; blade with age darkening along some of the edge only. The hilt is retained by a traditional Indian adhesive and a transverse pin with brass decorative bosses/washers. A sword for use on foot with a good weight to it--the blade is quite strong and sharp--for a warrior/soldier of some status, not a munitions-grade sword made in large quantities for the lower ranks. Original leather-covered wood scabbard with wear is included. A great old sword in nice shape for a reasonable price of 345.00 plus USPS shipping (usually under 10.00).
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