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Thread: M1860 difficult to insert into and withdraw from scabbard. Remedies?

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    M1860 difficult to insert into and withdraw from scabbard. Remedies?

    Before posting this thread I tried searching this forum and Google, dut didn't find clear answers.

    I own this M1860 US cavalry saber by Ames 1863.
    Here it is after removing only the active rust as there was plenty of it on the outside, luckily without pitting.

    There remains a problem: the sabre is difficult to withdraw from and insert into the scabbard. It fits completely, but not smoothly. Probably there's also some active rust within the scabbard as there was on the outside.

    Any remedies? Thanks for the advice!
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    Try a rifle bore cleaning rod with a 35 or larger diameter bore brush.

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    There could be a pair of long wooden inserts inside the scabbard, originally intended to avoid the rattle of the blade when riding a horse, that should be removed before such cleaning (and preserved, to put them back in later!). Normally you´ll have to remove the scabbard mouth to get the wooden pieces out.

    After that, a fair amount of light oil (like WD40, and the like) would help the cleaning rod to do the job, loosening the rust. In case you don't have a proper cleaning rod, any flexible rod (a steel or nylon one) would do the trick.

    Hope this helps!
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