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Thread: Spanish cup hilt rapier more info

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    Spanish cup hilt rapier more info

    Hi all!
    This is original Spanish cup hilt bilbo rapier? "T" Toledo? Please more info about this rapier and marking on it.
    Many Thanks!
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    Yor sword is known as the Spanish trooper cavalry model 1796. There is a controversy about that model. To means Toledo, CIV is Carlos IV, the Spanish king, and the R means Royal property.
    You can find the more up to date info here, but it is in Spanish.

    The blade in the page has a C of cavalry, yours has a D of Dragons. Cavalry and Dragons had different hilts (up to 1803 when Dragons were disbanded). Dragons blades did not have ricassos, as I think yours lacks it. Somehow this sustains the blade did not have that hilt originally.
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    THANKS Javier Ramos!


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