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Thread: Help identify sword

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    Help identify sword

    Hi all!

    What is is? Repro?

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    To my eye, it looks genuine but refurbished or mounted in a simple manner, and not by a skilled cutler. I personally have yet to see a repro' blade with deep struck marks like that.

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    If the guard was forged, that sharp right angle is hard to do (you need to upset the metal to get the extra thickness to then forge down to the square outside corner)
    Could you post more photos of that please?

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    The form is eastern European to my eye.
    The classic 'L' guard sabres of Poland and elsewhere.

    The hilt looks like a slightly crude replacement, but that's not to say that it wasn't done in the country of origin.

    I think it's very attractive.
    If you show the stamped makers mark close-up, someone might recognise it?

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