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Thread: American Naval Boarding axes

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    American Naval Boarding axes

    Hi all,

    I am researching US boarding axes (1797-1860) with the aim of improving the current knowledge and identifying the variants.

    So far I have had a great response from collectors in the US and several museums but I am still looking for more information - so if you have one of these axes, even if it is in relic condition or only the head, please contact me. I will respect your privacy.
    I am mainly looking for markings/description and basic measurements and perhaps a photo if it's a variant that I don't yet have an image for.

    In particular I am seeking more information on the following:

    Boarding axes that are marked as made by the Navy Yards of Boston or New York.
    Unmarked axes or ones that were made by manufacturers other than the US Navy.
    1812 model axes with the solid dome variation - that is the langets are formed from one piece of metal forming a solid dome over the eye.
    Any variant of what is often termed the TYPE II - shown in the middle in the drawing below.


    The British Naval Boarding Axe
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    Contact at the Smithsonian

    I am also looking for a contact name at the Smithsonian.
    Getting past the 'front desk' through their publicly available email address is hard without an introduction.
    My lowly non academic gmail address does not carry much weight!

    If anyone has a contact that I could write to at any of the Smithsonian Institutions, including the National Museum of the American Indian, I'd be grateful as they would then be able to point me in the right direction.

    Pm me please.


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    Just bumping this up.
    I'm still looking for more examples of US Boarding Axes. Please pm me if you have one.

    I now have a contact at the Smithsonian - so that's no longer needed.

    All the best for 2020 everyone.


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