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Thread: old thread.... m1902 us sword

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    old thread.... m1902 us sword

    other day I had asked a question about a m1902 us army sword by n.s. meyer, inc . on the blade by the hand guard is the name " colonial" what is this name ? other name I seen for ns meyer Defender Spartan and couple more but none showing colonial thanks for any more help you can give me ..bill

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    As far as I know these are just model names within the Meyer lineup. I imagine there is some differences in the quality of the materials and workmanship between the models as well as a commensurate difference in pricing, but I don't know what the differences were or the "hierarchy" among the brand names. Would be interested in knowing. Does anyone have any old Meyer catalogs which might shed light on the issue?

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    thanks for the info .. bill will keep watching for more info

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    Colonial was the "value" line.

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    thanks sean now I have to ask is this a top of the line one or bottom or Justin between ? one way or the other I only paid $15.00 for it 2 weeks ago my other one is a Pettibone bro mfg Clinton ohio but no model mane or number that I can see is there a web site or other that may show various models and etc ? thanks for help ...bill


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