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Thread: For Sale: British P1845 officer's sword

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    For Sale: British P1845 officer's sword


    I’m selling a Victorian-era P1845 British officer’s sword collected in Burma (now Myanmar) in the 1980s. It has suffered moderate damage from spending more than a century in tropical and semi-tropical environments (it went to Savannah, Georgia from Burma).

    This example is marked with the VRI cipher (Victoria, Queen and Empress), so it's from after 1876. The blade is in reasonably good condition, although the etching is faded. The ricasso has two broad arrow marks on the obverse side; one appears to be an arrow over what might be the letters LBD, and the other is an arrow over what looks like the numeral 1. There is also a proof slug on the obverse, marked “PROVED” with a crown. The letters are not cleanly cut, and look as though they were double-struck. On the ricasso's reverse side is what appears to be a serial number consisting of an inverted R and the number 17697. This is a combat-weight, rather than a picquet-weight blade. The guard and backstrap are brass, in the P1845's Gothic style, with the royal cipher in the cartouche. They are evenly and deeply patinated, with slight deformation of the guard--the knucklebow is slightly flattened and the quillon is a bit twisted. The grip's shagreen cover is missing, as is the wrapping wire. This has resulted in a slight looseness of the hilt, but the construction is still solid, and the wooden grip core is in good condition. The scabbard is steel, rusty overall and rusted through at two points, but the rust is stable without active areas. The wooden lining slats seem to be missing.

    Higher-resolution photos are available on request.

    I'm asking $425 shipped in the U.S.A.; foreign buyers will have to discuss shipping. I accept PayPal (for Goods and Services, please add 3% to cover the fee) or check or money order. Sorry, no trades. Please send me a PM if you're interested.

    Mark Millman
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    Price reduction: $375 shipped.

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    Reduced to $300 shipped.

    Mark Millman

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    Reduced to $225 shipped.

    Mark Millman

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    Reduced to $195 shipped.

    Mark Millman

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    Reduced to $165 shipped.

    Mark Millman

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    This sword is sold.

    Mark Millman


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