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Thread: Robert Wilkinson-Latham?

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    Robert Wilkinson-Latham?

    Hello All,
    I noticed Robert hasn't been on here since 2016.

    I hope he is he doing well?
    I had sent him a PM , But noticed after that, his profile said his last activity here was in 12/16. I also sent a PM to the Admin(Mark) But have not heard back on that one either.

    I have an acquaintance who was given his Grandfathers Wilkinson swords and they both are numbered and I hoped Robert would be able to chime in with some info about these swords.
    Please let me know if I can make contact with Robert or if someone here has the type of info he provided on Numbered swords.

    Thank You
    Semper Fi

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    Richard at has the Wilkinson proof page books and can send or email copies of the page including his cover letter with explanation.

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    Thank you Will for the reply and additional contacts I can pass along for his search.

    Is Robert still around?

    Semper Fi
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    Phil, I’ve asked the same question and no one seems able to reply, so I assume it’s not good news. Robert has been an invaluable source of information and the only living link to the most important sword making dynasty of this country. His contributions to the forum have been unique and definitive and I’m sure I speak for every member that we miss them greatly.

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    Thank you Ben,
    I was here back in 2012-17 but life gets in the way sometimes. I always enjoyed reading Roberts comments and followed as he would research swords for folks here. Yes he was that connection to that great sword makers of the past, The one thing I remember best was when he told of the trademark , How it is not a six pointed star but two triangles intertwined. The triangle being a sign of strength, so two triangles is twice as strong!!!
    I hope he is well.
    Thanks Again and Merry Christmas to all here on this excellent site!

    Semper Fi


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