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Thread: FOR SALE: Paul Chen (Hanwei) Paper Crane Wakizashi

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    FOR SALE: Paul Chen (Hanwei) Paper Crane Wakizashi


    As per the title, I am selling my Paul Chen paper crane wakizashi. It is essentially new and even still has the tags on it. It's a truly gorgeous blade. Below is an excerpt from the description on KOA.

    "The Hanwei Paper Crane Daisho (SH2328-Wakizashi) is without doubt the greatest achievement in sword making artistry yet available from Hanwei. The blade is crafted from Hanweis own Tamahagane steel while the fittings reflect the atmosphere of the Japanese theater. The Daishos name stems from the origami (the art of paper folding) cranes that decorate the striking Tsuba and Fuchi/Kashira, all of which feature highly-prized ''Nanako'' or stippled backgrounds. The Menuki feature thespian masks, a symbol shared by the Japanese theater and its western counterpart. The Saya of the Wakizashi carries a Kogai (hair pick). The Kozuka is decorated with musical instruments of the theater. The Paper Crane theme is carried to the outstanding hand woven silk Sageo, the result of many hours of skilled work on a hand loom.

    I'm asking $900 USD ($1300 is the lowest price I have found it elsewhere). If I am out of touch with my prices feel free to make an offer.

    Pictures to follow.

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    Here are a few pictures as promised.

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    Price drop to $800, and last call before this is sold elsewhere.

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