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Thread: Swords on TV - where are they now

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    Swords on TV - where are they now

    One for the British. Just watching an old episode of Lovejoy and this peaked my interest.

    Wonder where these relics of history are now? One of them recently seen on Game of Thrones!

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    With new props made to be safe I suppose these old swords owned by costume companies have been sold off.
    Would it not be a great treasure hunt to find an old cache of edged weapons?
    Independent theatres used swords painted up, years ago a nice 1788p was on Ebay that needed the paint stripped off of it.

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    I remember there was a running discussion here, some 15 years ago, when a large prop company in Hollywood sold their 1840s cavary sabers. They have straightened them for some movie...
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    also years ago I heard hollywood companies bought up lots of ww2 german clothing and etc also hogans heros spiked helmet is real and I think some of the other stuff is to. .that spiked helmet changes from a officer one to a enlisted one on clinks desk .Bill

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    This was a common practice for a long time to reuse old sabres and swords as theather props, apparently. In fact, a lot of the "battle damage" we can find on swords today are most likely due to Hamlet rather than Waterloo!


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