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Thread: For Sale: commemorative George Washington's Inaugural Sword

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    For Sale: commemorative George Washington's Inaugural Sword


    I'm selling a commemorative George Washington's Inaugural Sword commissioned by the U.S. Bicentennial Society through Wilkinson Sword in 1974. It replicates a sword in the collection of the Washington's Headquarters museum in Morristown, N.J. and has a colichemarde blade with sterling silver mountings. It also has a display plaque, a certificate of authenticity, and a promotional pamphlet. I understand that this sword also came with a suede storage bag, but I don't have that. It handles nicely, and as a smallsword should; the mounting is tight and solid, and the blade is straight. The wire grip-wrap has some play, probably due to shrinkage of the wooden grip-core over time. The sword needs polishing; the silver is tarnished and there is some surface staining on the blade, although there is no active corrosion or pitting. The display plaque could probably use refinishing, too; the set spent thirty-five years in Florida humidity before I bought it ten years ago. This would be a nice thing to have as 2026 approaches. You can see photos at this Google Drive link.

    I'm asking $475 shipped in the U.S.A.; foreign buyers will have to discuss shipping. Sorry, no trades. I accept PayPal (for Goods and Services, please add 3% to cover the fee) or check or money order. Please send me a PM if you're interested.


    Mark Millman

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    Now reduced to $425 shipped.

    Mark Millman

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    This sword is sold.

    Mark Millman
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