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Thread: Shipwreck Royal Navy Sword from HMS Royal George 1782 And Unique Model.RARE

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    I am selling a unique display of an 'Admiralty Style' 1/70th scale model of the famous British 100 gun first rate warship the 'Royal George' which rolled over and sank at anchor in Portsmouth harbor in the year 1782. In the case with the model is a Royal Navy officer's pipeback sword from the 1830's. The blade of the sword is engraved, 'Made from the Iron Bolts of the Royal George, sunk 1782, raised 1844' Also contained in the case is a small wood bound book from 1843 telling the story of the great catastrophe. The wood cover of the book is also from the wreck of the ship. It has split in places, and is detached on one side (unsurprising since it spent 50 years at the bottom of the sea before being turned into a book cover) but nothing a good bookbinder could not remedy.

    The model is housed in a custom built American Oak case and sits behind 1/4" plate glass. The legs of the case are the traditional 'Cannon Barrel' style that came into fashion in the early 1800's after Nelson's triumph at the Battle of Trafalgar. A framed and illustrated account of the incident is also included and a larger book which is a later 1970's version of the small book but makes it possible to read the account without risking damage to the original. The Royal George rolled over and sank at anchor due to being improperly loaded with stores through the lower gunports. It was leaving for a Mediterranean patrol the next day and there were hundreds of family members of the ships crew aboard saying their farewells as at that time press ganging was in force and the crew were not allowed ashore. The ship sank in less than 2 minutes and after some limited salvage attempts, was largely forgotten about until the silt build up around it made it a hazard to shipping. In 1833 the wreck was blown up. The first ever use of gunpowder in underwater demolition. The public imagination was captured and the horror of the disaster was rekindled leading to a market in souvenirs from the wreck. The 4 lions around Nelson's column in London's Trafalgar Square are made of bronze from the the salvaged cannons from the Royal George. An enterprising sword cutler in Portsmouth obtained some of the salvaged huge steel bolts that were used to hold the ship's timbers together and made commemorative Naval Officer's swords from them. There are not many around it was estimated that at the time perhaps only 2-300 were made from the bolts. I have seen another in a Maritime museum in Australia and a few surface occasionally but not to any great degree. I also have the scabbard although the leather is in bad shape and in three pieces the parts are all there.

    As to the model. A great many times we see the words 'museum quality' thrown around to describe poorly made objects from the far east. This actually is a museum quality model. For the last 25 years I have been building these models for museums and collectors for a living. I have work in museums all over the world and a look at my website, should tell you all you need to know. I collect shipwreck artifacts and I build these type of displays to illustrate their stories. I need the space for a new addition to my collection so I'm selling this one.

    Dimensions. The case is 43" wide, 22" high and 18" deep. The legs are 29" high.

    Obviously shipping will have to be discussed separately and if you have any questions please don't hesitate to ask. This has been listed on the dreaded ebay and so of is subject to being sold there. The price is $9500. (less than Ebay)
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