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Thread: US Military Knife/Dagger ? Horn handle & guard

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    US Military Knife/Dagger ? Horn handle & guard


    What are your thoughts on this Knife/dagger?
    The handle and guard are made out of horn.
    There is a carving on the scabbard ( dagger thru the heart)?
    Span am period?
    Blade is about 7.50 inches in length
    Thank you
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    I think that this dagger has a Spanish origin. It is very similar to those made in Albacete (in Southeastern Spain) since the second half of 19th century, up to the 1930's, more or less. The most common type has a handle with a single cross guard, a grip made of white bone with brass decoration, an a pommel in brass. The blades were normally double edged and of the same form as yours. Yours would be a variation on this theme.

    Here you have a quite elaborated example, along the basic lines described:

    Regarding the design engraved over the bird, it could represent an Immaculate Heart of Mary, a traditional Catholic symbol, that comprises both love and pain experienced by Saint Mary, mother of Jesus:

    Therefore the bird could represent the Holy Spirit, in the form of a dove...
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    This is a typical knife form I see in Mexico all the time. They vary in length but have same basic elements brass rounded pommel, straight guard, sleak double edge blade. Dark wood or horn grips. I agree a Spanish style. The rounded curve or tapering as blade meets guard is a standard element. Eric
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    Thank you all very much for your help and information.


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