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Thread: Paul Chen Generation 1 Musashi Wakizashi, Excellent Condition

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    Paul Chen Generation 1 Musashi Wakizashi, Excellent Condition

    Selling my Paul Chen Musashi Wakizashi. This is the original version and in very good condition! The tsuba does have some wiggle. However, koshirae is in excellent condition without scratches. Tsuka in excellent condition, ito still tight. Tsuka is about 7" long. Nagasa is 19.5" long roughly and without bends, chips, or dings. No scratches...never been cut with. Saya has some minor wear to the lacquer. But minimal scratches nothing that goes into the wood or gouges. This is the non-bohi version, generation 1. For those that may still have the original katana this would be a nice piece to complete the daisho after all these years. Letting it go for $250.00 shipped in the US only and as always I eat the paypal fees.


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    Bob Bugh


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