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Thread: Bavarian Mourning knots (Portepee)

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    Bavarian Mourning knots (Portepee)


    I picked up two black Bavarian Mourning knots (Portepee) at SOS that I wanted to show. These Officer sword knots are quite rare and the only two I have ever seen for sale at a military show.

    The first knot in the three knot grouping was a standard Bavarian Officer Portepee with a silver wire strap and knot with blue side stripes on the strap and blue highlights on the slider and the stem with a blue insert in the bottom of the ball. This knot does not have a metal attachment from the strap to the stem so it was worn by an Infantry Officer.

    The second black knot is made in the same manner without a metal attachment loop, so intended for a foot officer. This knot has sprinkles of silver wire and blue highlights throughout the strap and knot with a blue insert in the bottom of the ball.

    The third black knot is also made in the same manner as the other one except it has a metal loop between the strap and the stem, so made for a mounted officer. These black mourning knots were made to be worn at funeral services and served the same purpose as a black armband worn on civilian or military clothing.
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