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Thread: Italian Police Officer Sword

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    Italian Police Officer Sword


    I thought I would show a recently acquired sword for a Fascist Police Officer. These swords are quite scarce. It is similar to the Italian Colonial Police sword but it is more ornate. There are similarities in the shape of the narrow etched blade and the shape of the black leather scabbard and gilt brass scabbard fittings. While the scabbard fittings are the same general shape they are more ornate. The Municipal Police Officer version has a flat ornate guard with a large clam-shell with a Fascist eagle perched upon a bundle of rods ax. This same Fascist eagle and ax are etched on the reverse of the narrow blade. The pommel is worked with a head wearing a wreath of laurel symbolizing victory. The fluted white grips appear to be bone and the face of a lion appears on the front of the flat guard. All brass fittings are gilt.

    I have been after this sword for quite awhile and here is my example of the Municipal Police (Polizia) Officer sword.
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