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Thread: Baltimore Show

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    Baltimore Show

    With all the events being canceled due to the coronavirus, I wonder if the Baltimore show will be among the victims? Being among the "senior citizen" high-risk group. I should probably give it a pass in any case although I hate to do so.

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    I haven't heard of any cancellations in Canada for militaria shows but it may be wise for the time being. We had an infected person use Toronto transit system for 3 days before being diagnosed. People tend to handle all your items for sale and travel from various locations to shows. At my age and older you don't want this virus. The Toronto International Airport has continued to allow people to disembark from China, Iran etc. The virus here has not been taken seriously. The Etobicoke militaria show is quite close to the airport. The only thing I've seen done is people buying toilet paper. The sad truth:
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