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Thread: James Raw Katana Blade & habaki

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    James Raw Katana Blade & habaki

    James styled it as a exact replica of a famous sword by a famous sword smith. it is broad & heavy, even with the bo-hi & has a deep sori. It would be perfect for serious tameshigiri. It has a crazy double hamon & Jame's full stone polish. This is indeed a rare & beautiful custom blade. It has never been fitted.
    Specs: Nagasa - 27.5"
    Sori - 24mm
    Kissaki - 78mm
    Motohaba - 33mm
    sakehaba - 7.5mm
    Motokasane - 29mm
    Sakikasane - 6.5mm
    Blade translation: a day in february 25th year of Heisei ( 2013 )
    Price $1400 USD
    Located in Australia ... happy to post... to the USA guess around $70 AUD + insurance if requested
    Detailed photos on request
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    Hi Dave,
    Can you please email me some more detailed pictures. I can't quite make out whats going on with the kissaki of the this sword.



    karl.junitz at
    Have a look around.....


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