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Thread: Wanted: Hanwei Pappenheimer, or just the pommel

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    Wanted: Hanwei Pappenheimer, or just the pommel


    I'm looking for a Hanwei Pappenheimer sword, or at least the pommel from one (if you've disassembled one, or if you have a broken one).

    You can see a photo of this discontinued model on myArmoury.

    Please PM me if you have either the sword or just the pommel to sell.


    Mark Millman

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    I've got one I could be talked out of for a fair price. It's a bit heavy for most of my theatre gig clients anyway - they tend to prefer schlagers. It's pretty though. What are you looking to spend, and where would I be shipping it?
    Freelance hack... and slash... and thrust...

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    Replied by PM.

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    I'm no longer looking for a complete weapon, but only the pommel. See my updated request in this forum.

    This request is closed.


    Mark Millman


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