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Thread: Help needed re French Sword

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    Help needed re French Sword

    Hi Guys

    I picked up this sword recently and it was described to me as a 1780 pattern French General Officers sword. I can’t find it in the books I have on French swords and believe it to be later in any case. Can anyone shed some light on what this one actually is? The sword has the letters S H . T at the top of the 32 5/16" blade.

    Cheers Cathey
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    In one of my French sword books the sword appears to be from the design on the shell guard a Epée de société ou de cérémonie des officiers supérieurs et généraux de toutes armes Consulate-First empire period.

    There are a few designs on the shell guard for different ranks of officers yours is shown like a intermediate officers but could be a Generals as yours has elements in the design of both but would go for a Generals sword.

    Intermediate officer 433
    General 434

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    From the style of the decoration I would think First Empire, not earlier.

    I checked for Solingen blade makers and came up with S H J (could the T be a J?) - unfortunately described as an unidentified Solingen maker.

    ref. Lhoste & Buigne. Armes Blanches. 3rd Ed. 2009.


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