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Thread: Nihonto & Related Books For Sale

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    Nihonto & Related Books For Sale

    I will be moving within a year and need to lighten my load considerably. So I am selling some Nihonto related books. Canadian funds would be best for me.
    I prefer EFT, but will accept PayPal + fee. Thanks for looking!

    1. Bows, Arrows & Quivers of Ancient Japan by W.M.Hawley
    Surveys famous examples related to kyudo, and includes detail of original measurement and construction details. The "Yumi-Ya" volumes are reproduced in their entirety from the Shuko Jisshu of 1700. Woodblock illustrations of historical items that all well-educated samurai were expected to be familiar with. Fine Condition
    $90 CAD + Shipping

    2. The Connoisseur's Book of Japanese Swords by Kokan Nagayama
    Following an in-depth consideration of the history of the sword in Japan, the five traditions of workmanship and some outstanding Edo period examples, Nagayama's guide to sword appreciation expands on criteria to judge sword quality, identify flaws, and ultimately make a correct attribution. This ambitious guide includes an index and is supported by 560 b&w illustrations. Very Good Condition (with Brodart Protective Clear Jacket)
    $45 CAD + Shipping

    3. The AFU QUARTERLY by Harry AFU Watson
    1st Edition (1995), Summer (1996), and Fall (1997). Each magazine has informative articles about swords and tsuba. Very educational for new and old collectors of kodogu and tosogu. A must have for any library. 1st edition - 64 pages, Summer edition - 128 pages, Fall edition - 192 pages. Approx. size for each 8 1/4" x 11" inches. Fine Condition
    $100 CAD + Shipping

    4. Nihonto no Horimono(Engravings on Japanese Swords)by Sato Yoshiki and Nakamiya Yoshiro
    Horimono is carving on the blade; this book presents hundreds of examples and includes a photo essay of how the carving is done. In Japanese. Very Good Condition (with Brodart Protective Clear Jacket)
    $65 CAD

    5. The Samurai Sword: A Handbook by John M. Yumoto
    This complete handbook reveals the lore of the samurai sword, fascinating both for owners and for the intrigued. Detailing the origins and development of the samurai sword, its historical background, styles, famous schools, and differences in construction, outlining methods of identifying and researching the sword, as well as caring for it properly. Very Good Condition
    $15 CAD + Shipping

    6. The Art of the Japanese Sword: The Craft of Swordmaking and its Appreciation by Yoshindo Yoshihara, Leon Kapp, Hiroko Kapp
    Inthis book, master swordsmith Yoshindo Yoshihara offers a detailed look at the entire process of Japanese sword making, including the finishing and appreciation of Japanese blades. Brand new, still in shrink wrap
    $45 CAD + Shipping

    7. 11 Monographs by W.M. Hawley & Yasu Kizu:

    a) The Yamashiro School Of Swordsmiths
    b) The Bizen School Of Swordsmiths
    c) The Soshu School Of Swordsmiths
    d) The Mino School Of Swordsmiths
    e) Swordsmiths Of The Yamato School
    f) Bitchu Province Sword Groups
    g) Curvature In Japanese Blades
    h) The Decoration Of Sword Blades
    i) Buddhist Symbols On The Japanese Sword
    j) Temper Lines In Japanese Swords
    k) The Goban Kaji Of Ex-Emperor Gotoba

    $50 CAD + Shipping - All in New Condition

    8. Gokaden: The Five Schools
    155 pages, Plastic comb binding. Fine Condition
    $25 CAD + Shipping

    9. Facts and Fundamentals of Japanese Swords: A Collector’s Guide by Nobuo Nakahara
    a practical, comprehensive volume that offers information, along with 300 photos and illustrations, enabling collectors to evaluate the veracity and quality of swords that they are considering acquiring or already have in their collections. Very Fine Condition (with Brodart Protective Clear Jacket)
    $40 CAD + Shipping

    10. Nihonto kansho No Shiori from Sano Art Museum
    This small book introduces the Nihonto and koshirae in Sano Art Museum with the title of 'Appreciation Guide'. Sano Art museum, founded by Sano Takakazu after the Pacific War, has lots of valuable blades including Kokuho Nagamitsu's Naginata. This catalog contains about 50 blades with clear photos and explanations. Especially, this book shows the hada of blades very well. Book size is 15cm X 21cm, 64 pages. Japanese language with English Index of swords. Fine Condition (with Brodart Protective Clear Jacket)
    $50 CAD + Shipping

    11. Japanese Swords of the Bizen Tradition by Robert Benson and Darcy Brockbank - SOLD
    22 great blades, thoroughly described and illustrated with oshigata and photographs, and articles on the different schools and features of Bizen Den, one of the 5 great traditions of Japanese swordmaking. This is a very informative book; great value at the price. Very Good Condition (with Brodart Protective Clear Jacket)
    $35 CAD + Shipping

    12. 1100 Japanese Sword Terms and 400 Named Blades by W.M. Hawley
    A compilation from the old, foxing card files of Willis M. Hawley. Terminology is arranged both by subject and alphabetically. Romanization and kanji. Illustrated. Types of blades, appraisal terms, forging terms, grain and temper terms. Fine Condition
    $30 CAD + Shipping

    13. Introduction To Japanese Swordsby W.M. Hawley
    A basic guide for collectors. Clear, concise history of the Japanese blade; construction details; well-illustrated with drawings and photos. Also includes a short section on the Japanese matchlock. Fine Condition
    $10 CAD + Shipping

    14. Kantei - Glossary of Sword Terms by Fred Fimio
    A unique glossary with Japanese Kanji. To assist in the identification of Swords. This glossary is unique in that (1) it is divided into specific sections dealing with sword descriptions such as Boshi, Hada, etc.; (2) it has an English translation with Japanese Kanji, and (3) it identifies the Smiths using a particular characteristic named in the glossary. Fine Condition
    $20 CAD + Shipping

    15. Arms and Armour of Ancient Japan
    Book co-sponsored by the Municipal Art Patrons of Los Angeles and the Southern California To-Ken Kai for a showing of Japanese arms and armor at the Municipal Art Gallery, Barnsdall Park February 19-22, 1964. An excellent survey of Japanese swords and tsubas. Very Fine Condition
    $25 CAD + Shipping

    16. Mino-den Oshigata 1302-1867
    Contains 97 pages of Katana, Wakizashi, and Tanto Oshigata from the Mino-den. Very Good Condition
    $25 CAD + Shipping

    17. Token to Rekishi ("History and the Sword")
    The journal of the Nihon Token Hozon Kai (NTHK). 12 Issues: No. 685 to No. 697 (Nov. 2008 to Jan. 2011). All in Very Fine Condition, mostly unopened or read.
    $24 CAD + Shipping

    18. Art Of The Samurai: Japanese Arms and Armor, 1156-1866 by Metropolitan Museum of Art
    Samurai arms and equipment are widely recognized as masterpieces in steel, silk, and lacquer. This extensively illustrated volume includes the Very Finest examples of swords, sword mountings and fittings, armor and helmets, saddles, banners, and paintings from Japanese collections. Dating from the fifth to the nineteenth century, these majestic objects offer a complete picture of samurai culture and its unique blend of the martial and the refined. Hardcover, Very Fine Condition (with Brodart Protective Clear Jacket)
    $130 CAD + Shipping

    19. Arms And Armor Of The Samurai: The History of Weapons in Ancient Japan by I. Bottomley & A. P. Hopson
    Illustrations and text trace the development of samurai arms from their earliest beginning to the ceremonial armor of the Tokugawa era. Hardcover, Very Good Condition (with Brodart Protective Clear Jacket)
    $15 CAD + Shipping

    20. Secrets of the Samurai: The Martial Arts of Feudal Japan by Oscar Ratti , Adele Westbrook
    This is the definitive study of the martial arts of feudal Japan, explaining in detail the weapons, techniques, strategies, and principles of combat that made the Japanese warrior a formidable foe. Hardcover, Very Good Condition
    $15 CAD + Shipping

    21. The Sword & The Mind translated by Hiroaki Sato
    this pivotal seventeenth-century how-to guide for the swordsman is also a penetrating philosophical and psychological treatise on strategy. Yagyu Munenori's step-by-step instructions for positioning, striking—with one and two swords—and defending oneself against an opponent can be applied with equal success to many types of conflict, from sword fight to political struggle to business competition. Hardcover, Very Good Condition
    $15 CAD + Shipping

    22. Samurai: The Weapons and Spirit of the Japanese Warrior by Clive Sinclaire
    A fascinating look at ancient Japanese weaponry, complete with 150 dazzling full-color photographs. Paperback, Good Condition
    $10 CAD + Shipping

    23. Canadian Journal of Japanese Swords by The Japanese Sword Society of Canada
    The quarterly journal published by the JSSC, filled with lots of info and tests on Japanese swords.
    13 issues from Vol 3 No 2 to Vol 6 No 3 (Summer 2009 to Autumn 2012). Good Condition
    $20 CAD + Shipping

    24. Basic Kantei Course
    Translated by Gordon Robson with the permission of the Japan Preservation Society of Tokyo, Japan and Yoshikawa Sensei. Revision, additions and changes by Fred Fimio. The Novice Sword Kantei course of the Koto Period Gokoden. From the Japanese Sword Society of Canada. 5 sections, 4 in Plastic comb binding, 1 loose leaf paper. Very Good Condition
    $10 CAD + Shipping

    25. JSSUS Newsletter by The Japanese Sword Society of the United States
    Newsletter published by the JSSUS. 13 issues – Vol 42 No 1 to Vol 43 No 6 (Mar. 2010 to Dec. 2011)
    Very Good condition.
    $25 CAD
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    7. 11 Monographs by W.M. Hawley & Yasu Kizu
    12. 1100 Japanese Sword Terms and 400 Named Blades by W.M. Hawley
    14. Kantei - Glossary of Sword Terms by Fred Fimio
    16. Mino-den Oshigata1302-1867
    24. Basic Kantei Course

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