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Thread: Hanwei Zatoichi Folded Model SH2114

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    Hanwei Zatoichi Folded Model SH2114

    Up for sale is a Hanwei Zatoichi sword made from Swedish powedered "folded" steel. Arguably the nicest Zatoichi sword on the market.

    I am the second owner of the blade, which to my knowledge has never been used for cutting. There is however some light scuffing on the shinogi-ji from the previous owner, possibly from saya contact, and some wood missing inside the koiguchi, presumably from poor noto. The hada on this folded version is quite subtle and somewhat rough from-the-factory polish leaves it so.

    These are hard to come by these days... Kult of Athena lists them at $499 on backorder. I'm offering this one at $349 shipped to CONUS.
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