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Thread: Does a kukri have any identifying marks?

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    Does a kukri have any identifying marks?

    Are there any identifying marks or materials that would indicate the age or origin of a kukri? I inherited this one with no details as to its provenance, except that it was delivered to the original purchaser by mail in the 90s by a shop called The Swordsman in Pasadena CA (which does not appear to be around any longer).

    The (I believe bone) hilt is 4.5" long, the blade is 4.25" from there out to the point of the curve and then 8" from there to the tip. At it's widest point the blade is 2" wide.

    I've not pulled it apart to see if there are markings on the tang, but I don't know if kukris are like Japanese swords in that respect and I don't want to open it up if there is no reason to.

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    Hi Dave,

    It's not much older than the purchase date I'd say. It's likely that the vendor was selling more than one.
    You'll note that the handle is bone and the end cap is help on with an iron nail. The handle will be filled with a pitch type resin. The blade looks business-like and I'm sure would cut effectively.
    Use caution if you do use it as I've seen the handles become detached on this type.
    A good looking knife in what looks to be the condition it was originally sold.


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