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    Swords For Sale

    FOR SALE!! Location: AUSTRALIA

    Hanwei Koi Wakizashi: Re wapped in Synthetic Suede Leather the same as Hanwei practical series. Original Ito was dirty. Good as New Condition. $650aud
    Hanwei Great Wave Tanto: Very Tiny Chip in Tsuka near Fuchi...You may see it in the Photo! Good as New Condition. $500aud
    Hanwei ONI Katana: Some minor marks on the blade and tiny dent in Saya (by me) Good as New Condition. $1200aud
    Samurai (reproduction) Armor... around 15 years old...I've made the Storage Box and Oni Head Crest (comes with 4) and added a few items or enhancements. $1300aud
    Simon Lee Katana: Level 5 Polish Tamahagane Blade 28" Re wrapped in Suede leather and added quality Iron Tsuba and Silver Plated Seppa. $1000aud
    Hanwei: Raptor Moroha Zukuri Katana: I'm the second owner. Blade has been buffed to almost original condition due to lack of maintenance, re profiled & re wrapped tsuka in original ito. Ribbed Saya. $450aud

    All Item prices do not include Shipping! Will Send all items anywhere! Pick up is available if your in Perth Payment by PayPal Only!

    Please contact me directly for more info or photos! PH: 0402435544 or as I don't come here often.
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