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Thread: Nathan Starr Contract of 1826 Naval Cutlasses

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    Nathan Starr Contract of 1826 Naval Cutlasses

    I started this post so that some of the other posts on these cutlasses could be moved and reside in one location. I recently acquired this example that has to be one of the finest examples I have seen in a long time. The Japanning is 95% + on both scabbard and hilt. The wood grip is perfect and the marks on the blade ET / U.S. / N.Starr are nice and crisp. I looked for many years for one like this and patience finally paid off.
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    M1826 Starr Cutlass

    Most excellent Jerry a beautiful example. Here is one of mine with 25 ³/16 blade and interesting tidbit on peening. It appears to be a rivet connection.
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