Hello all, I am not sure if this post will do any good but it's worth a try...my World War II gunto was stolen from my house by a houseguest I have so far been unable to contact. The police don't seem to be any help. I wish I had some pics but at the moment I will provide a physical description.

Type: WWII gunto
Scabbard: Dark brown with black metal mounts, one ring.
Hilt: Dark brown, missing the original pegs. I made some temporary ones but they are carved wood with the ends painted black. Two menuki are 3 chrysanthemums (copper look) joined together.
Kashira: Dark black
Tsuba: Blackish, not sure of the original color.
Blade length: seems to be 28"
Nakago: The tang is signed Yoshichika and is dated 1943. I bought it from John Grimmit's store back in 1983. It is an oil-tempered blade.

I sincerely hope this sword turns up somehow and is returned to me.

Thanks all.