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Thread: In'Carius Craft Fully Customized XVIIIc Alexandria

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    In'Carius Craft Fully Customized XVIIIc Alexandria

    Hi guys and gals,

    Recently I acquired a very expensive antique Nihonto and I'm looking for a way to return some of my investment. This means I'll have to part with few valuable swords from my collection. So, I present you a sword by In'Carius Craft (Rafal from Poland), a fully customized hand-made XVIIIc Alexandria. I got it in December of 2020 after almost a year of waiting. It is a high level piece, in Rafal's words the most difficult and the hardest project he had worked upon. Paid 1200 Euro for it, want 1200 Euro for it firm, shipped to anyone in EU. I might consider shipping worldwide, but the potential buyer would cover the difference in price.

    Here is the sword:

    Please take a look at Rafal's gallery. Those pictures are pre-finish. The sword's completed scabbard has a steel chape, and a scabbard symbol that is covered in gold lacquer, similar to the brass inlaid symbol on the blade. The beautiful octagonal pommel features one of a kind bronze coins. plus hexagonal crossguard and tooled scabbard with tooled grip (Rafal's only tooled grip as of now). That's a top notch work and a tribute to type XVIIIc (Alexandria), historically accurate, made with unique features to be a heirloom.

    The blade is well tempered, certainly not whippy/floppy like most other XVIIIc. I dislike whippy swords and this one is rather stiff, while still being flexible. Edges are formed properly and sharp enough to slice printer paper. Blade is straight, all fittings are perfect fit - no looseness, rattle, noises or anything for that matter. Condition is still 10/10. I only dry handled it a couple of times. Scabbard, belt and grip are all genuine leather, very soft, well made. The sword is controllable and lively, while feeling powerful for a cut. Handles nicely in one hand as well.

    Approximate dimensions:

    Sword weight (without the scabbard): 1530 grams
    Blade length: 86 cm
    Blade width: 66 mm
    Blade thickness: 4,5 mm
    Balance: 10,5 cm
    Crossguard length: 23 cm
    Grip length: 18 cm
    Pommel length (without the peen block): 5 cm

    If you have an interest, I can send you additional pictures by email.

    P.S. The sword will be also listed for sale in other sword selling sites.

    Best of luck to everyone!
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    I put the sale of this wonderful sword on hold.

    Why? Because I will miss it too much. Although I need the money now, once I clear my expenses, I won't be able to buy a XVIIIc sword anywhere near this custom piece, at least not for my asking price of 1200 Euro. Except maybe an order from Rafal again (whose prices constantly come up) and wait for another year or more...

    So, in short, my Alexandria sword is no longer for sale. I hope it will never have to be listed again.

    Good luck everyone!


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