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Thread: Testing Testing.. Check 1... 2... Is this thing on? Sibilance. Anyone?

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    Testing Testing.. Check 1... 2... Is this thing on? Sibilance. Anyone?

    This place has been pretty quiet for a few years, anyone even checking the General forum, or the other forums that brought people in and where people like Gus, Tinker, Keith Larman and Howard Clark taught us?

    This place needs some good old sword pron. That's what it needs.

    What do you all have? This is an Albion bare blade i'm working on finishing.
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    I like swords.


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    Hey, Jeff. Good to see one of the old guard posting.

    I have various stuff in the works. I guess I can post them, but not sure if anyone would even see it. Such a depressing tragedy, what's happened to SFI. A complete ghost town compared to the glory days....
    "It is my feeling that to make a good sword, one must make a weapon first, and art second. But if it is really "right", it is both things at once, and in equal measure." -- Howard Clark

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