This is a lengthy deal, so please read my post below. I Am willing to trade (as much as I hate too), My original 1985 MRL "Moonbrand" Arming sword. It is Sharpened in a gorgeous 35+ patina condition, tightly grooved handle black leather. It has the KC55 Krupp German steel marking, and the stamp of MRL within the inner part of the crossguard. This sword is a rarity. I Am Also going to sweeten the pot with a Windlass, Classical Rapier in perfect condition. It has a multiple wire wrapped horn handle, in It's original box.

I Am blocked through ebay through no fault of mine and can provide that transcript. 18 years of being and excellent, buyer and seller due to this worthless piece of human excrement.

Anyway's, there is so much more to that story than, I have room for. I need someone with an Ebay account to bid and win this cup hilt rapier. It is a Del Tin, please , All I Ask is that You be honest and Reasonable. I will pay ebay fees, shipping, should it come to more, I will gladly compensate you. I have pics of my swords up on Pixlr, just send me a message, which seens to work the best.

Here is the ebay listing: look up, rapier sword in the search bar. This is the wording the Gentleman listed it in, "Unusual rapier sword 44" total 35" blade with cover, bo markings".
Ebay Item : 384134203453.

This was the rapier I wanted back in 1987. I have been on SwordForum for over 18 years, please check my credentials. This rapier is extremely sentimental to me, and I hope some one out here can help me. Thank Your for Time and consideration.
Warmest Regards,
- Brian Smith