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Thread: Antique African Weapons That My Friend Sent Me.

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    Antique African Weapons That My Friend Sent Me.

    Warning- Those of you who are experts in Antique Weapons of Africa might be annoyed by this post. This is particularly true if you have asked yourself, "Why do some novices wind up with this stuff?"

    I am a new member, who has accumulated a number of mostly British swords. I am trying to learn more about them. I started to accumulate the swords because I actually 'Collect' antique British Ordnance and East India Company small arms. The sword accumulation over a twenty year period is kind of associated with this time period in British Imperial history (and my having totally no discipline when it comes to where I veer when interested in something.) The Sword Forum guys have been really kind as I have posted.

    I noticed this MEIA Forum on the SFI home page. This post follows:
    Funny Story: Years ago because of my collecting British Arms from the Zulu Wars period, I began to get interested in associated Zulu weaponry. I decided that I wanted a (one) Iklwa. I have a Friend who actually knows about these, and has a really nice collection that his kids (like my kids) couldn't care less about. Each time I bought my definitive Iklwa, I posted it on the British Militaria Forums. My Friend, and some other friends of some knowledge would gently point out that while the thing I got may be antique or interesting in its own right, it was not an Iklwa. This went on for some time, and I sort of accidentally accumulated a small grouping of non-Iklwa's. Eventually, my friend, perhaps in the context of his children's continued lack of enthusiasm for his collection of many years (and several actual trips to Africa and the places of the Zulu Wars), took mercy on me. He (completely unlooked for) sent me a big box of his treasures. This was said to include at least one actual Zulu Iklwa. He told me that the war shield and the triangular thingy were old reproductions that he got in Southern Africa many years ago.

    I am posting my accumulation, and am richly deserving of any criticism you may wish to feel about my near total lack of knowledge. Any suggestions as to the objects themselves (like, what they are) will be humbly appreciated. At the very least, I am keeping them safe, and respectful of their history.
    Best, Charlie Sorrentino
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