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Thread: Cutdown sword plug bayonet, sword pattern ? American? French ? German ???

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    Cutdown sword plug bayonet, sword pattern ? American? French ? German ???

    Hi Gents, trying to work out sword pattern on this single edged straight blade that's ended up being converted to a plug bayonet, the etching are pretty worn but there one with crossed lancers/flags with German/Grecian helmet with stripey flag underneath looks positively American! So not sure if its a broken blade been antiqued and sold as a plug bayonet ages ago or period made and used as a plug bayonet late 1600s early 1700s. Any thoughts appreciated
    cheers, Phil
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    The blade is old but not old enough to be a plug bayonet in my opinion. Stopped fullers was mostly from the 1800's onwards for rough dating.

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    yes blades like a thinner version of the British 1796 infantry , more like the US 1840 NCO but cant remember if they were etched like the etchings on this bayonet ( not alot of these in Australia so hard to find one to compare)

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    French and continental blades of the late 18th to mid 19th century.

    Used up even for the US market.

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    Cherrs, yes blade makes me think of the spadroon, epee anglaise , thought the etched shield might narrow down country of origin and possible dating


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